A&T Bank Debit Card Campaign A A

100 TL refund when you spend 2000 TL or more with A&T Bank Debit Card. 
If the total of your expenses with your debit card during March exceeds 2000 TL, 100 TL will be refunded to you.

  1. If a customer's total debit card spending during the campaign exceeds 2000 TL, 100 TL will be refunded to the customer's TL account. 
  2. The campaign is valid for purchases made with A&T Bank Debit Card between 01.03.2024 and 31.03.2024 (until 23:59) (including start and end dates). 
  3. A customer can earn a maximum refund of 100 TL once for 1 month in the campaign. 
  4. The campaign is valid for purchases made with physical or virtual POS devices.
  5. Only A&T Bank physical and virtual debit card holders can benefit from the campaign. 
  6. The A&T Bank debit card must be linked to a TL account and the amount to be spent must be in this account in order to benefit from the campaign.
  7. Refund amounts will be deposited to the TL account to which the card is linked on 03/05/2024.
  8. The TL account and debit card to which the refund amounts will be deposited must be open status until 04/05/2024. 
  9. The campaign is only valid for successful transactions. The campaign is not valid for refunded, unapproved or cancelled transactions. 
  10. The TL amount reflected in the account will be considered for expenses in abroad.
  11. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, chance games, gambling, tax payments, jewellery purchases and GSM TL top-ups will not be considered within the scope of the campaign. 
  12. If the total refunds exceed 300.000 TL, the campaign will be ended. 
  13. The 100 TL refunds that our bank's employees will earn from the campaign will be added to their Pluxee (Sodexo) cards.
  14. Our bank reserves the right to make changes to the campaign conditions.